Our Assemblies

Our Assemblies

When we get together

At Miller, we try to make God the very center of our attention during our worship services.  Worship should be a time of reverence, joy, and remembrance.  It is also a time to build each other up in faith, love, and fellowship in Christ!  We try to keep it simple, doing those things that we find the early Christians doing when they got together.

Singing (Eph 5: 19) - As a group we sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs (a cappella)!  Look for words and music on the screen at the front of the auditorium.  It's a fantastic way to encourage one another and express our love for God!

Prayer (Col 4: 2) - At certain times during the service, we pray together to express our thankfulness and praise and bring our needs to God, asking for His blessing.

The Lord’s Supper (Matt 26: 26-29) - We remember Jesus and His sacrifice by passing around unleavened bread and grape juice.  We do this as the early Christians did. (Acts 20: 7)  In doing so, we remember the one who allowed us to have fellowship with Him and called us together as a family of believers.

A Lesson (Acts 8: 35) - We listen to a message from the pages of the Bible.  The Bible is the primary means by which God communicates with us and so preaching is an opportunity to hear the word of Christ. Through preaching we learn about the nature and work of God. We receive instruction in how to live our lives as God would have us. And, we are given hope and comfort by hearing the promises that God has made to us.

Bible Class (Eph 4: 11-12) - If you are with us on a Sunday morning, please consider staying after our worship service and sitting in on one of our great Bible classes.  We have classes for all ages so there is something for your whole family!  Check out the Adult and Youth Bible class tabs above under About Us!